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Don't sacrifice good workers

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Roger Quinn ▼ | May 30, 2008
Managers sometimes tend to sacrifice a good employee to save a lousy worker. Good workers deserves a reward, and lousy deserves to leave. It's that simple.
Good workers
Good workersManagers sometimes tend to sacrifice a good employee to save a lousy worker. Good workers deserves a reward, and lousy deserves to leave. It's that simple.

Every manager strives to meet company goals. Together with his team he works from day to day to fulfill those goals because the company depends on them. In more and more competitive market it becomes harder and harder to accomplish all task on time and with the highest quality.

To do that a manager must break a large task to smaller parts and assign them to team members, he must give help to his co-workers and monitor their work. That means that team must work as one because the success depend on that.

However, people are different. Some of them are dedicated to their work and have knowledge and skills, but some are not educated enough, have low self-esteem or simple don't want to work too hard. In such situation a studious and meticulous worker tend to take more responsibility and work harder. It is not unusual for a manager to take a job at hand from incompetent worker and finish his job.

Now we have a closed circle. With every problem that inapt worker can't do, the hard working crowd will solve. Those who work poorly will have less and less to do, and those that work hard - will work even harder.

Striving to complete all tasks, a manager can't see that hard working employees are more and more unsatisfied. They are not blind and they can see that lousy workers have less work and less responsibility and the question arise: "Why are they still here?" On the other hand, their manager lingers to do anything let alone to fire somebody.

That situation tends to end very badly: Good workers will leave the company. The problem here is not an unreachable goal or a task too hard, the problem can be described with few simple words: The company is not Red Cross.

Manager should pay special attention to workers that have some problems, no matter what they are. He should help them, educate them, gave them a clear and reachable goals and set a timeline. If they can't fulfill the expectation, even with all support from their co-workers and manager, they should leave.

At the same time good manager must show to good workers that they are doing a great job. The best workers must receive some reward from time to time or they will, as researches show, leave. If manager clearly show that he do care, he will have a strong and successful team.

The company is not Red Cross and when enough time pass without result those who can't meet the goals must leave. That way those who work hard will see that their work make sense and they will know that company cares about them. That means that they work in a good company and they will make whatever it takes to make their company better than any competitor around.