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Don't complain, work!

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Roger Quinn |
WorkIt's so easy to talk about incompetent boss, lousy colleagues, bad company strategy, harsh competition, uncomfortable shoes, too big suit, bad weather... But that will take you nowhere. Did you ever think how to change circumstances to work for you?

Yes, we know, it's easy to complain about everything. That's certainly much easier than doing some real work and it's like a visiting a shrink, it can help on the short run. However, at the end of the day complaining all day long will really take you to the shrink because you'll end up complaining about everything, doing nothing and living a miserable career. Now, to prevent that, we gave you here a few simple advice to work better, feel better and earn more.

First, you should crawl out from that rock and show some bravery. Instead of defending yourself why you can't do something, held your head high and take the challenge. Nobody ever advanced their career by hiding and nobody ever got ahead without taking risks. No pain, no gain. Simple as that. You can't go forward if you don't accept challenges bigger than you.

Don't steal somebody's idea and present it to your boss as yours - give the credit where the credit is due and improve it. Instead of co-opting (stealing) a co-worker’s idea, take it, mix it with your contribution and make it better. That way you both will look good and will be proud of yourselves with a reason. Don't forget: a stealer doesn't sleep well and if he does you can be sure it won't last forever. After that, a hard awakening follows.

If there is a problem, talk about it. Don't wrap it in sugar and silk, but be honest about what's going on and accept nothing less from others. Being a man who always answers "yes" or having such co-workers is the fantastic way to the disaster, not only yours but your company's too.

When you talk about the problem be ready to have some kind of solution. If you don't have, be sure to ask "How can we solve this?" before somebody else asks that. That way you will look like a real manager who is talking about problems and demands solutions.

Don't criticize your superior. Instead of that help him be better. Workers are constantly complaining about their boss without realizing the harm it does to themselves. If you want to do your career some good, learn to identify and minimize your boss's and co-worker’s issues. That's what good leaders and effective managers do - they help others and that good deed always brings a good results.

One of the most important advice anybody can give you is: Attack the problem, not the person. When complaining is directed at a person, this's a bad news. But when it's directed at solving a real customer or product problem, that's another story. Workplace conflict is beneficial, as long as it isn't personal. So, don't even think about saying to your boss "My colleague didn't do that", but "Our customer didn't receive support, we should help him". Trust us, you will be recognized for your effort.

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