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Do you really have to motivate your employees all the time?

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Ted Blackwater ▼ | June 4, 2018
Motivation   Are your employees adults?

If you ask anybody what a great leader should do, motivation would be most probably on the top of the answers list. But stop for a moment and let's ask ourselves: What does it really mean if you need to constantly motivate your workers?

When we are talking about motivation it is easy to fall into a trap and confuse motivation with good working environment.

What do your people need? Their needs fall into two groups.

First, they need all equipment for their work, a working place that follows good standards, and a decent salary.

Second, they need clear guidance what is their job, what is not, how to communicate with other teams and their superiors, and ways to be promoted.

Now, when you think about that, that's really all they need. If you have a decent workplace with clearly set rules and the management you may talk with, what's more to it?

There are a lot of workers without decent salary, without clean working place, with managers angry all the time, with schedule that's almost impossible to follow, with sales goals that can't be reached...

So, if your company is not among them, if your people are enjoying their work, what else has to be done? Some HR "experts" will give you their advice right away and here we state just some of them.

You should tell your employees every day how much you appreciate them and their work. You should constantly remind them that they are special and that your company could't succeed without their hard work. You should always think how to show your appreciation to your workers and how to reward them.

And the list goes on. But let's answer honestly this question: Does this remind you of how you should treat your six-year child?

Appreciation? Love? Rewards every now and then? Let's be honest: your employees are all adults and the don't have to be treated like a little kids.

If you are giving them what they need to do their job and they are properly rewarded in a form of a good salary, that's it.

If an employee has all working conditions and you still have to find a way to motivate him/her, then, I'm afraid, you have a lazy worker.

All adults know that duties and responsibilities are part of life and they don't need to be constantly reminded about that. All adults know that they must work to bring food to the table, sometimes that's hard and something it's easy, but there is a work to be done.

If they don't understand that and if they need constant motivation, well, then they are either lazy or they are not adults in their head.

So, create a good working environment and don't think that your employees are children constantly in need to be reminded to do their homework. At the end of the day, even children do realize at some point that they must do their homework or the situation won't end well.

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