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Delegative leadership is a good thing unless...

Ted Blackwater ▼ | October 1, 2018
Delegative leadership is popular among some leaders because it gives their workers a great deal of freedom. And workers should be happier. And work more. And earn more. And, in fact, it very often turns into a disaster...
Delegative leadership
People   Delegative leadership is simple in its basis
Delegative leadership is simple in its basis. The idea is to give complete freedom to your employees to make decisions, leave them with little guidance, just provide them resources they need and wait for the great answer from team leaders.

Sounds fun! Everybody is free to do what they want as long as they achieve their goals. Everybody happy! The boss is not around all the time, workers may work on their own pace, they can collaborate freely and everything is without stress, and results are expected to be great.

However, some things must be present for that to work.

First, team members must be experts in their fields because only experts can work without guidance. Second, they must be strong individual players to be able to focus on their work without input from others. And, you have to trust them.

Unfortunately, delegative leadership is something that is successfull in rare cases.

If your group is not full of experts, they will not have enough knowledge and skills to do the job by themselves. That leads to a job poorly done and in the end no satisfaction among workers, let alone in the company's management.

Then, if your people can't stick to deadlines or they are not great project managers, well, you know where this leads. The job will go back and forth, deadline will most probably be missed and the group will be stuck without guidance.

In its worst form, delegative leadership will create a team leader that will skip the responsibility and blame any poor performance on his group, while group will blame a lack of guidance as a reason they didn't achieve anything.

Delegative leadership is not a bad idea but if your environment is not perfect the outcome will not be perfect.

So, before you handle out all tasks and sit in your office without worries, think about your workers. Maybe delegative leadership is not such a good idea after all.