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Business leaders don't see sustainable development goals as opportunity anymore

Christian Fernsby ▼ | September 30, 2019
Around 33 percent of global business leaders are shying away from Sustainable Development Goals as a business opportunity.
Manager saying no
World   67 percent of CEOs see sustainability as a window of opportunity
This is according to the latest United Nations Global Compact-Accenture Strategy CEO Study on Sustainability 2019.

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The study The Decade to Deliver: A Call to Business Action found lack of knowledge and global economic slowdown as major reasons behind this hesitation.

Currently 67 percent of chief executive officers (CEOs) see sustainability as a window of opportunity to recalibrate their efforts in line with the global milestones. This number was 90 percent in 2016, according to the report.

Of the 67 percent, 48 percent are integrating sustainability into their businesses and 21 percent believe businesses play a critical role in the global goals, highlighted the report.

Also, the number of CEOs who think sustainability is important for the future success of their business reduced a bit 94 percent in 2019 from 97 percent in 2016.

Small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) are majorly responsible for this overall drop in perception. Around 63 percent SMEs cite lack of financial resources as the main impediment, according to the report.

It also found that CEOs became more aware about sustainability in the past three years. While in 2019, 26 percent CEOs think sustainability and business are not linked, the number was 37 percent in 2013.

Also, knowledge gap has filled 8 percent CEOs still face lack of knowledge about sustainability, in 2013 this was 21 percent, according to the report.