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74% of employers admit hiring wrong candidate

Staff Writer | December 14, 2017
A new CareerBuilder survey found that 74% of employers admit having hired the wrong person for an opening.
New employees   Harris Poll
The cost to employers was $14,900 for every hiring error last year.

Harris Poll conducted the online survey of 2,257 full-time hiring managers and HR professionals and 3,697 full-time workers from different industries and company sizes across the country.

The survey also found that a bad hire costs employers on average nearly $15,000, while losing a good hire cost on average $30,000.

Two-thirds of workers say they accepted a job offer only to realize later that the company was a bad fit; and 75% of the workers say they're loyal to their employers, but only 54% feel their company is loyal to them.

Employers in the survey described a bad hire as someone who didn't produce quality work (5%); had a negative attitude (53%); didn't work well with others (50%); had immediate absentee problems (46%); or lacked abilities they claimed to have when hired (45%).