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Bosses who put their followers first can boost their business

Christian Fernsby |
Servant leaders
Companies would do well to tailor training and recruitment measures to encourage managers who have empathy, integrity and are trustworthy - because they can improve productivity, according to new research from the University of Exeter Business School.
Female CFOs
Female CFOs may be better than males at preventing financial fraud
Christian Fernsby |
Top executives leave
Why do top executives leave companies? It's about reputation
Christian Fernsby |
Worry too much
If you can't read the future stop worrying in advance
Ted Blackwater |

Companies benefit from giving congressional testimony
Christian Fernsby |
Time is money. Especially when it comes to giving and taxes
Christian Fernsby |
When hiring, don't forget: Creativity is not just for the young
Christian Fernsby |
Christian Fernsby |
Organizational values
Importance of having and communicating organizational values in companyChristian Fernsby |
Company earnings
High non-GAAP earnings predict abnormally high CEO payChristian Fernsby |

CEONew CEO: Better without prior experience?
Christian Fernsby |
Detecting emotionsEmotionally attuned managers are better at judging workgroup effectiveness
Christian Fernsby |
Consumer data94% of CEOs say consumer data most valuable for companies
Staff Writer |

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