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Surprise, surprise: If you want to sell more, make packages a bit more complicated

Christian Fernsby |
Grocery store
Marketing communicators try to make their message clear. The idea is simple: a clear message leads to faster buying. But it's not that simple.
Job interview
Virtual teams
Ways to improve communication in virtual teams
Christian Fernsby |
Company likability
CEIOContrary to conventional wisdom outside CEO achieves higher growth
Christian Fernsby |
Influence a groupDominance reduces influence in groups
Christian Fernsby |
How to trust your gut
How to trust your gut and make a decision
Christian Fernsby |
Manager thinkingHow to overcome your fear of making mistakes
Christian Fernsby |

remote work
Five ways leaders can support remote work
Christian Fernsby |
Rising prices
Trust your employees if you want more patents
Christian Fernsby |

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