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Joana Rodeiro
How to defeat cancer
Cancer support groupFor many people the first few weeks after cancer diagnosis are very difficult. They feel denial, anger, fear, depression and loneliness, and all those feelings are normal. Here are some advices how to overcome the diagnosis that isn't death sentence, but at first it certainly sounds devastating.

The end of the human race?
Empty cityProfessor Frank Fenner who helped to destroy smallpox predicts that humans will be extinct in the next one hundred years. Scary thought, but is the eminent professor right?

The oldest leather shoe
The oldest leather shoeWhat is 1,000 years older than the pyramids of and 400 years older than Stonehenge? Don't try, you won't guess: an old shoe.

Problems with balls
Jabulani ballEvery four years three things happen: Word Cup starts, a new ball is born, players criticize it. Now science confirmed that players should be listened.

The training for Mars has begun
Mars 500Six men will spend 520 days locked in a 550 cubic metre facility. This is the first training for the mission to Mars to test how they will react to long isolation.

The last flight of Atlantis
Space shuttle AtlantisAfter 25 years and 120 million miles, space shuttle Atlantis touched the ground after it's final flight. The legendary orbiter is now on its way to the museum.

A big step closer to teleportation
TeleportationIn the near future quantum teleportation won't be science fiction anymore, and that opens a range of possibilities.

Old statues, new explanation
Easter IslandThe theory how the famous stone statues were erected around Easter Island is known for 50 years. However - it is wrong.

The strange message from Voyager 2
Voyager 2Voyager 2 worked perfectly for 33 years but recently it started to send data scientist can't decode. What happened to the spacecraft on the edge of the Solar system?