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Janine Gates
Sleeping land
Siberian HuskyIt stretches from the Urals to Lake Baikal and it is bordered by Europe on one end and Japan on another. This is 'the sleeping land', Siberia, the unique place on Earth where minus 15 Celsius means - warm like it's spring.

The rare gem untouched by tourists
MedellinSome fifteen years ago, Medellin in Colombia was considered the most dangerous city in Colombia, but that has changed dramatically and today it is one of the best travel and living destination.

Viva Las Vegas
Las Vegas Las Vegas is globally known as The Entertainment Capital of the World. It's also called the Sin City, but it is less-known that it has the highest number of churches per citizens than any major city in the U.S.

The magic of volcanoes and geysers
Kamchatka salmonsMany will tell you that Kamchatka is the most beautiful place for enjoying in magnificent geysers, far prettier than Iceland or USA. The lovers of nature call it 'the magic land of volcanoes and geysers'.

Edmonton - the city of festivals
Edmonton festivalEdmonton is the capital of the province of Alberta, Canada, well-known for its friendly people and vibrant summer festivals.

Above the sea for 2,000 years
ShanghaiFor anyone interested in the history of modern China Shanghai is an ideal place to start the adventure.

Kenya - Snow-capped mountains and searing deserts
KenyaWhen you think about safari, you most probably think about Kenya. And with a reason: there's some kind of magic in that land on the eastern coast of Africa. Let's uncover why tourists love this country of contrasts.

The beginning of the southern adventure
Chile Puerto Montt VolcanoThe Pan-American Highway starts in Venezuela, then flows to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and ends in Chile. At the southern end of that continental highway you will find Puerto Montt, a city where your southern adventure actually begins.

A land as big as heaven
Cuenca EcuadorCuenca is the third largest city in Ecuador, the safest city in the country, called "Athens of Ecuador" because of its reach and beautiful cultural heritage.

Reach the end of the world - Ushuaia
Ushuaia, Argentina - the end of the worldIf you want to go to the end of the world then your destination is Ushuaia, the southernmost city on the planet.