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World's biggest iceberg to enter open ocean

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 6, 2020
The world's biggest iceberg is about to enter the open ocean, scientists say.
Iceberg A68
Nature   Iceberg A68
It's called the A68, and it broke off the continent of Antarctica in 2017.

It's been travelling north across the region since then and it's now about to reach the Southern Ocean.

The A68 is one of the biggest icebergs ever recorded and it weighs one trillion tonnes.

An iceberg forms when a big mass of ice separates from a glacier, and that process is called calving.

Scientists say the A68 has lost very little size in the two and a half years since it broke away.

However, it is thought that once it reaches rough water in the ocean it will struggle to stay together.

Prof Adrian Luckman from Swansea University said he's "astonished that the ocean waves haven't already made ice cubes out of A68".

He added: "If it survives for long as one piece when it moves beyond the edge of the sea ice, I will be very surprised".