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Which clan do you belong?

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sun heat global warmingAll over the world, probably the most important people last few weeks are weather reporters. Day after day they inform us as about extremely temperatures all around the globe. In Romania, because of heat and temperatures of 47 Centigrades 32 people died. Those temperatures are the highest temperatures in Romania in last 90 years. Director of the Romanian National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology announced more heat, with maximal temperatures of 38 C. In bigger cities of Romania authorities installed 66 tents with water and medical teams. Most of people looked up for refreshment in river Damboviti and fountain in front of the parliament. At same time the storms killed one person and more than ten where hurt.

In Greece, situation is the same. Consumption of electricity rise 10.000 megawatts because of enhanced uses of air conditioners, so residents of Athena, Solun and some Greek islands were out of electricity. Greek authorities declared half-time working day until noon to save energy. 320 kilometres of main city, Athena, there are some fires. The temperatures rise to 46 C! Five people are dead because of heat. Italia, like many other countries, has the same problems. In Turkey, the same story.

Health organization declared warning to citizens to stay out of the sun, and some of firms allow their employers to stay at home if they have some health problems. The temperatures are more than 40 C. In Croatia and their neighbour countries temperatures rises close to 40 C, in some cities 46 C. Last year Croatian firemen fought with more than 1000 fires on coast and islands. Croatian tourist are already used to look at the air planes which tank water in the open sea and fly in full speed.

sun heat global warmingBecause of climate conversion connected with the global heating in Mediterranean, dead waves of heath will be usual appearance. The predictions are that France will be the country that will suffer the most. Heat wave that hit France in 2003 killed about 15.000 people. The days that are warmest today, in the future will be coldest days, so the mass dying will be everyday fact. Across the Atlantic the stories are not much different. Heath wave overtakes middle and west parts of USA and temperatures raised to 45 C. In Arizona was 46 C, in Montana 38 C. Utah, California, Nevada and some other cities fight with big fires. In Utah 800 000 trees burnt out, and people dies of high temperatures, too.

At the same time, in west and north Europe temperatures falls beyond 20 C. In north of England hundreds of people are evacuated from their homes after warning of possibility of dam liking. Abundantly raining cause chaos in most part of England and Wales. About 250 peoples were evacuated from their homes. Damages are estimated at millions of pounds.

One of the biggest icebergs in Peru, iceberg Pastoruri, lost his ice. It lies at 5240 m in Andes. In Lake Superior in Minnesota, one of tourist icons of the US, temperature raised 5 C. High temperatures will cause the rise of the sea around Australia and New Zealand, and islands in south Pacific will be faced with more cyclones. Warm sea will damage reefs and fishing industry. From China and India the tornados are coming.

Some 8000 years ago Greenland was covered with plants. Today, it is malting. Some of us called that process "global heating", some of us call it "punishment" and some of us - circle of life. Depending on how much you take care of nature, choose the "clan" you belong to.

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