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When office things provoke

Staff writer ▼ | December 9, 2007
Conferences that last all the day and have no sense are the main reasons of loosing nerves for half of the European office workers.
angry office
angry officeConferences that last all the day and have no sense are the main reasons of loosing nerves for half of the European office workers.

Simple shortening and small number of meetings will eliminate main cause for worker's anger. Fifty percent of examinees said that immodesty and insolence make them angry. Those are at the same time the main reasons for people to visible loose control or show physical signs of anger.

Bad regulation of temperature in the office, lack of support from colleague or managers and bad office rules are just some of worker's complains. Problems with printers and IT technologies also cause discomfort. Those problems agonize approximately one third of examinees, 28 percent of them. That is just some of the data collected in research made by ICM Research Company for Canon Europe.

angry officeThe research was conducte on 1857 office workers from 18 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Danish, Finish, France, Deutschland, Italy, Nederland, Norway, Spain, Swedish, Switzerland, Great Britain, Czech, Hungary, Turkey and Rumania.

Countries from the North can praise themselves with the most calming workers in Europe. In those countries 68 percent of workers are see their co-workers visibly angry. Workers from Italy once again proved their reputation of "homeland of hot-blooded people". Almost all Italian workers (94 percent) are witnesses of somebody's lost of control in the office. The examined European workers are angry because of time they spend on finding and fetching documents on company's computer net: That is a problem for 20 percent of them.

At the same time, one of four workers thinks that fast and easy access to data will make work in office a lot easier. Even 60 percent of people think that layout of office rooms and things in it raise the level of the stress; nineteen percent of workers think that layout "raises the stress significantly". That topic is very important for workers in Spain: 79 percent of them said that formation of things in the office raises the level of everyday stress.

angry officeIf you think that those are all problems of European office workers, and thank Good, nothing is broken, you are wrong. In cases when workers broke something because of angry, things on the desk suffered the most. Staplers, pens, papers and things like that were flying through the room. Luckily, no head fall through, or ICM didn’t ask those kinds of questions. Twelve percent of examined European workers confessed to ICM Research Company they punched or broke office printer. Well, sometimes those things truly provoke their destiny.

angry officeThe research also shown that four of five workers are being witnesses to somebody's lost of control on working place. Almost 63 percent of European workers confess that they showed their temper and that "office anger" is real and serious problem in offices around the Europe. Most of CEO's probably hear for those kinds of problems, but still don't "hear" it, actually. If they continue to ignore that signals for a long time, few broken printers will be the smallest problem, soon.