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Unique Pizza and Subs developing marijuana pizza

Staff writer ▼ | August 22, 2014
Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation will explore the possibility of developing a signature Unique Pizza that has cannabis infused into it.
Unique Pizza
Unique Pizza   In production by the end of this year
The company believes, with the increasing demand and legalization of marijuana in Colorado, it would utilize Dr. Reddy's skills, laboratories and test kitchen to develop a signature line of marijuana enhanced Unique Pizza's, that could be sold at adult bars and night clubs throughout the state.

Utilizing Dr. Reddy's superior scientific technology affords the company a Unique opportunity to explore the various possibilities in the fast growing marijuana industry.

After the legalization of marijuana Colorado began the testing of marijuana edible products on May 1st of this year putting this region in the developmental forefront of the cannabis industry.

James Vowler, Unique Pizza and Subs president and CEO, said, "We started our discussions about the possibility of developing a line of marijuana pizzas back in April of this year. Since then our casual discussions have led us to beginning the necessary steps to start developing prototypes of a Unique cannabis gourmet pizza.

"We expect to have in production by the end of this year and believe we can also explore the development of a marijuana pizza in that same timeframe. One of our largest shareholders has expressed a strong interest in owning the rights to distribute a Unique Marijuana Pizza throughout his home country of Canada and we will be working closely with him and his company on this project."

Unique Pizza and Subs Corporation announced it is developing a Unique Pizza Sauce featuring fresh cannabis extracts for US States that have legalized marijuana edible products for medical or recreational use. In compliance with all applicable state marijuana laws, Unique Pizza will provide their proprietary base sauce to licensed marijuana infused product manufacturers in each state to locally manufacture the finished cannabis-infused sauce.