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The Netherlands to open the world's first solar bike lane

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Staff writer ▼ | November 12, 2014
The Netherlands is opening up the world's first stretch of road made with solar cells this week.
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In keeping with the road's environmentally-friendly message and the cycling culture of the Netherlands the road is built for bikes, not cars.

The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research and the Dutch province of North Holland will open a 230-foot stretch of the project, dubbed SolaRoad, on November 12. The stretch of bike lane contains solar cells that are protected by two layers of safety glass and which can generate enough energy to power about three Dutch homes.

That might not seem like much, but the project's creators are viewing this initial stretch of road as a test, if all goes well, they hope to further test SolaRoads on small roadways and in bike lanes.

Over the next three years, researchers will be conducting tests and measurements to determine how much energy the road produces and how it holds up to an onslaught of daily bike commuters. They also hope to extend this initial SolaRoad to 328 feet by 2016.