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Studies that hurt my brain

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Staff writer ▼ | March 6, 2009
Studies that hurt my brainI love science and I read about new discoveries every day. I love deep and profound studies such as, for example, those that proves that light is lighter than dark.

We can be thankful to all scientists from all eras because science brought us antibiotics, microwave ovens, automobiles, internet and many other things that we take for granted. In fact, sometimes a scientific breakthrough looks like some kind of wonder, a gift from God. I'm typing and you're reading on the other side of the world. Amazing, isn't it?

However, we humans tend to, how to put it..., we tend to go that extra mile even when we shouldn't. Scientist are not an exceptions and they can leave me amazed with their conclusions. I know that "common sense" is not something to be believed in blindly, and that our thinking is sometimes wrong. But there are some scientific facts and study results that hurt my brain and common sense.

"Children seriously affected when a parent suffers from depression". No kidding. Seriously? Can't believe that... Do we need a scientific research to tell us that children suffer when their parents suffer? If you ever meet a children, a single kid in your life, you know that children care about their parents, and you know that without scientific research.

"Cell phones may spread superbugs in hospitals: study". Fascinating reading. Here is the excerpt: "Researchers tested the phones and dominant hands of 200 doctors and nurses working in hospital operating rooms and intensive care units. Ninety-five percent of the mobile phones were contaminated with at least one type of bacteria." This is really amazing. You touch stuff here and there, you use your mobile phones many times of day, and if you have even a very small brain you'll conclude that dirt from your hands will end up on the phone. But you have a normal brain, the particular scientists have small brain because they need a research to find what you and I found in about two seconds.

"Spring breakers should keep an eye out for bed bugs during travels". This research is in fact OK, but the headline is stupid. Is it OK to have bugs in a bed when we are at home?

"Claiming benefits improves the health of the unemployed". Again, here just a part of the scientific results: "Our findings may suggest that higher levels of stress exist among those who experience unemployment without compensation". OK, imagine two situation. First, you are fired and you have no money. Second, you are fired and you do have money. Which one is better? If you don't know the answer immediately then you are scientist who need a research.

"Heart Hazards of Woeful Wives". One of the findings in a recent study: "Women who reported more marital strain were more likely to also report depressive symptoms". Well, this should lead to Nobel. If you yell at your wife every day and maybe beat her from time to time, is it normal for her to be depressed? If your answer is "No" you should go to jail or... Or you are scientist.

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