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Experts say ancient head found in Rome is Dionysus
DionysusMay 27, 2019 ET
The white marble head unearthed during excavations in the Roman Forum is believed to represent a male deity, most likely Dionysus, according to Rome archaeologists.
SpaceX launches 60 satellites for Starlink internet constellation
StarlinkMay 25, 2019 ET
SpaceX has begun its build the ambitious Starlink internet constellation, a series of interconnected satellites to deliver internet to paying customers around the globe.
Asteroid flying by Earth is so big it has its own moon
1999 KW4May 24, 2019 ET
Earth will be getting not one but two visitors from space this weekend.
NASA spacecraft finds changes in Jupiter's magnetic field
JupiterMay 23, 2019 ET
Jupiter\'s internal magnetic field is changing over time, a phenomenon observed by the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for the first time outside of the Earth, the agency has said.
Gas insulation could be protecting an ocean inside Pluto
PlutoMay 22, 2019 ET
A gassy insulating layer beneath the icy surfaces of distant celestial objects could mean there are more oceans in the universe than previously thought.
Giant impact caused difference between Moon's hemispheres
moonMay 21, 2019 ET
The stark difference between the Moon\'s heavily-cratered farside and the lower-lying open basins of the Earth-facing nearside has puzzled scientists for decades.
Scientists propose rethinking 'endangered species' definition to save slow-breeding animal
ElephantsMay 20, 2019 ET
Conservation decisions based on population counts may fail to protect large, slow-breeding animals from irrevocable decline, according to new research coinciding with Endangered Species Day.
Nearly a quarter of West Antarctic ice is now unstable
GlaciersMay 17, 2019 ET
By combining 25 years of European Space Agency satellite altimeter measurements and a model of the regional climate, the UK Centre for Polar Observation and Modelling (CPOM) have tracked changes in snow and ice cover across the continent.
Hackers can fake radio signals to hijack aircraft landing systems, warn researchers
AircraftMay 16, 2019 ET
Hackers could hijack the systems used to guide planes by compromising and spoofing the radio signals that are used during landing.
New study suggests humans and Neanderthals split off earlier than we thought
NeanderthalsMay 16, 2019 ET
It\'s not known exactly when humans and Neanderthals split off from their last common ancestor, but the estimated window is very wide, between 300,000 and 800,000 years ago.
Small, hardy planets most likely to survive death of their stars
Most starsMay 15, 2019 ET
Small, hardy planets packed with dense elements have the best chance of avoiding being crushed and swallowed up when their host star dies, new research from the University of Warwick has found.
Shrinking moon may be generating moonquakes
moonMay 14, 2019 ET
The Moon is shrinking as its interior cools, getting more than about 150 feet (50 meters) skinnier over the last several hundred million years.
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