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Kilauea volcano: Tiny leak led to massive, unexpected collapse
Kilauea volcanoDecember 10, 2019 ET
The 2018 eruption of Kilauea in Hawaii featured the spectacular collapse of the volcano\'s caldera, creating a hole nearly as deep as One World Trade Center in New York City is tall at its summit.
Oxygen in oceans depleting at unprecedented rate
oceanDecember 9, 2019 ET
Oxygen in the world’s oceans is depleting at an unprecedented rate, leaving species gasping for breath and devastating marine habitats, a report issued at the annual UN climate talks in Madrid has warned.
What’s driving soil erosion?
soil erosionDecember 6, 2019 ET
ETH Zurich researchers are reexamining the causes of soil erosion around the world and have found that countries themselves have a surprisingly strong influence on their soil.
South Korea to launch environmental monitoring satellite
South Korea satelliteDecember 6, 2019 ET
South Korea is set to take the lead in atmospheric monitoring as it prepares to launch the world\'s first geostationary environmental monitoring satellite.
Signs of life: New field guide aids astronomers' search
Proxima bDecember 5, 2019 ET
A Cornell University senior has come up with a way to discern life on exoplanets loitering in other cosmic neighborhoods: a spectral field guide.
Mystery of how early animals survived ice age
Ice ageDecember 4, 2019 ET
A McGill University-led research team has found the first direct evidence that glacial meltwater provided a crucial lifeline to eukaryotes during Snowball Earth, when the oceans were cut off from life-giving oxygen, answering a question puzzling scientists for years.
Mystery of Sun's magnetic waves solved
SunDecember 3, 2019 ET
A Queen\'s University Belfast scientist has led an international team to the ground-breaking discovery of why the Sun\'s magnetic waves strengthen and grow as they emerge from its surface, which could help to solve the mystery of how the corona of the Sun maintains its multi-million degree temperatures.
Great boots for small man: Boots of Napoleon Bonaparte sold for 117,000 euros
Napoleon’s famous boots were soldNovember 30, 2019 ET
Boots of Napoleon Bonaparte were sold at auction in Paris for 117,000 euros (128.800 dollars).
6th century shipwreck discovered off southern coast of Cyprus
shipwreck discoveredNovember 29, 2019 ET
An official with the Department of Antiquities confirmed the discovery of an ancient shipwreck laden with cargo of ceramic pots off the south shores of Cyprus.
Scientists discover black hole that shouldn't exist
LB-1November 29, 2019 ET
Chinese astronomers have discovered a black hole in the Milky Way that present scientific theory says is too big to exist.
Earth has crossed nine climate tipping points
Melting ArcticNovember 28, 2019 ET
Nine climate change ‘tipping points’ have now been crossed and the ‘cascade of changes’ could spell doom for humanity.
Researchers study chickens, ostriches, penguins to learn how flight feathers evolved
OstrichNovember 28, 2019 ET
If you took a careful look at the feathers on a chicken, you\'d find many different forms within the same bird even within a single feather.
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