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Can water reach minus 263 degrees Celsius without turning into ice? Yes it can
The water crystallises and turns to iceFriday April 12, 2019 9:41AM ET
Making ice cubes is a simple process: you take a plastic ice-cube tray like you’d find in most households, fill it with water and put it in the freezer.
Concept unveiled for village on the moon
village on the moonThursday April 11, 2019 8:26AM ET
Five decades after humans first set foot on the Moon, a new initiative is underway to bring us back—and this time, the aspiration is to settle there on a permanent basis.
World’s oldest shipwreck found in Mediterranean, say officials
oldest shipwreckThursday April 11, 2019 6:11AM ET
A ship dating back some 3,600 years has been found off Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.
Astronomers deliver first real photo of black hole
Real black holeWednesday April 10, 2019 2:11PM ET
Astronomers on Wednesday unveiled the first photo of a black hole, one of the star-devouring monsters scattered throughout the Universe and obscured by impenetrable shields of gravity.
Life could be evolving right now on nearest exoplanets
Proxima-bWednesday April 10, 2019 7:05AM ET
Rocky, Earth-like planets orbiting our closest stars could host life, according to a new study that raises the excitement about exoplanets.
Scientists set to unveil first picture of a black hole
black holeTuesday April 9, 2019 8:08AM ET
The world, it seems, is soon to see the first picture of a black hole.
Gorillas guard corpses of strangers
GorillasMonday April 8, 2019 7:53AM ET
Animals react differently to the death of their neighbors.
Origin of photons in mysterious gamma-ray bursts
Origin of photons in mysterious gamma-ray burstsMonday April 8, 2019 6:37AM ET
Scientists from the RIKEN Cluster for Pioneering Research and collaborators have used simulations to show that the photons emitted by long gamma-ray bursts, one of the most energetic events to take place in the universe, originate in the photosphere, the visible portion of the \"relativistic jet\" that is emitted by exploding stars.
Scientists warn of pandemic endangering amphibians
FrogsFriday April 5, 2019 7:21AM ET
A deadly disease affecting amphibians has descended into a global pandemic that has already wiped out 90 species, a prominent US biologist warned in the World Organisation for Animal Health Aquatic Conference in Santiago, Chile.
Japan probe prepares to blast asteroid
Asteroid RyuguThursday April 4, 2019 7:06AM ET
A Japanese probe began descending towards an asteroid on Thursday on a mission to blast a crater into its surface and collect material that could shed light on the solar system\'s evolution.
Researchers tap rare pristine air to reveal pollution's impact
pristine airWednesday April 3, 2019 7:26AM ET
Five years ago, researchers spent three hours packed aboard a steamy Gulfstream-1 research aircraft as it zig-zagged between pristine air over the Amazon rainforest and polluted air nearby.
NASA plans to land astronauts on Mars by 2033
NASAWednesday April 3, 2019 6:15AM ET
NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine announced at a congressional testimony on Tuesday a plan to put human to Mars by 2033 and would request more money to fund the ambitious plan.
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