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Jupiter-like exoplanets found in sweet spot in most planetary systems
JupiterJune 17, 2019 ET
As planets form in the swirling gas and dust around young stars, there seems to be a sweet spot where most of the large, Jupiter-like gas giants congregate, centered around the orbit where Jupiter sits in our own solar system.
Dangerous asteroid to pass near Earth next September
QV89June 14, 2019 ET
The European Space Agency (ESA) has issued a warning this Friday about the threat to Earth caused by the passage of a 40-metre asteroid to more than six million kilometres from the planet on Sept. 9.
Ancient 'Loch Ness monster' from Antarctica breaks record for body size
'Loch Ness monster' from AntarcticaJune 14, 2019 ET
Paleontologists have discovered the remains of an ancient Loch Ness Monster look-alike in freezing Antarctica.
NASA's spacecraft comes closer to planetary body and breaks record
BennuJune 14, 2019 ET
The U.S. space agency NASA announced Thursday that its asteroid probe OSIRIS-REx set a new record for the closest-ever orbit of a planetary body made by a man-made spacecraft.
India to launch first solar mission in 2020
ISRO Chairman K SivanJune 14, 2019 ET
India\'s Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Thursday said it will launch its first mission to study the sun in 2020.
Table salt compound spotted on Jupiter's moon Europa
Jupiter's moon EuropaJune 13, 2019 ET
A familiar ingredient has been hiding in plain sight on the surface of Jupiter\'s moon Europa.
India to launch second moon mission next month
Chandrayaan-2 missionJune 13, 2019 ET
India will be launching its second lunar mission, Chandrayaan-2, on July 15, head of the country’s space agency said.
Astronomers determine mass of small black hole in center of nearby galaxy
NGC 4395June 12, 2019 ET
A team of astronomers have discovered that a black hole at the center of a nearby dwarf galaxy, called NGC 4395, is about 40 times smaller than previously thought.
New insect species discovered on the slopes of Maungatua Range
stoneflyJune 11, 2019 ET
A team of zoologists from the University Otago has discovered a new species of insect—the Maungatua stonefly—from the slopes of the Maungatua Range, on the doorstep of Dunedin.
Jupiter to be bigger and brighter in night sky on Monday
JupiterJune 10, 2019 ET
The planet Jupiter will on Monday appear bigger and brighter than on any other night in 2019, creating great opportunities for astronomy buffs, especially amateurs, to observe Jupiter and its moons, which will be visible throughout the night.
Honey bees can be trained to count to find food
Honey beesJune 10, 2019 ET
Scientists, from RMIT University in Australia, trained the tiny creatures in around two hours, suggesting that bees have a unique cognitive ability similar, to that of humans.
France invited to name planet 144 light years away
HD 8574bJune 10, 2019 ET
The French public has been invited to help name a planet located 144 light years from Earth, after its discovery in 2002 by French observatory, l’Observatoire de Haute-Provence.
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