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Latest batch of five-digit Delaware license plates to go on sale
Delaware platesSeptember 12, 2013 ET
October 1 will be a big day for Delaware motorists who have been anxiously awaiting the release of the latest batch of five-digit license plates from the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).
Catalans to create 400-km chain to demand independence
Catalans independenceSeptember 11, 2013 ET
Hundreds of thousands of Catalans will unite to create a 400-kilometer human chain on September 11, the region's national day, as part of a campaign for independence, reports LETA/AFP.
Sepp Blatter: FIFA World Cup is not just for Europe
Sepp BlatterSeptember 10, 2013 ET
FIFA president Sepp Blatter defended his support of switching the 2022 World Cup to winter in Qatar, saying in an interview that rescheduling reflected the sport's worldwide appeal.
Russian powder cleans oil spill in minutes
Oil spillSeptember 9, 2013 ET
Russian scientists have developed an environmentally safe and effective way of dealing with marine oil spills. Moskat powder made the water clean in a matter of minutes.
Leave your personality at the door
EmployeesSeptember 5, 2013 ET
Every corporation will tell you "we are nurturing differences" and "encouraging our employees to show their individuality", but that is not true. A new study shows that employees - pressed by the corporate culture - are hiding who they really are.
London skyscraper blamed for melting cars
London skyscraperSeptember 4, 2013 ET
Along with accusations that skyscrapers are blocking views or are plain ugly, this week in London, a new complaint is being added to the list: they might melt cars.
Qatar launched its first TV satellite Sohail 1
Sohail 1September 3, 2013 ET
Qatar has launched Sohail 1, its first television and communications satellite, carried into orbit by the European rocket Ariane 5 from a base in French Guiana, the companies promoting the project said.
UCLA researchers invent portable device for kidney tests
UCLA smartphone testSeptember 2, 2013 ET
Scientists have developed a lightweight and portable device that attaches to a smartphone and it conducts kidney tests at-home with instant results. The gadget may significantly reduce the need for frequent hospital visits by people with diabetes and chronic kidney conditions.
Wind tunnels, cutting-edge tech, and 18,000 engineers for UK athletes
Shelly WoodsAugust 30, 2013 ET
An agreement worth 800,000 pounds will enable both summer and winter sports and athletes to access cutting-edge technology while preparing for the games in Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016.
Cruising blue waters without allergies
Crystal SerenityAugust 29, 2013 ET
Cruising around the world is a wonderful experience - except for people with allergies. From unknown places to ship cabins, there can be a lot of allergens. To make lives of their passengers easier, Crystal Cruises announced the first hypoallergenic rooms at sea.
Giant Magellan Telescope has 10 times sharper resolution than Hubble
Giant Magellan TelescopeAugust 28, 2013 ET
Researchers have developed a new telescope, Giant Magellan Telescope, that will provide 10 times sharper resolution and better picture of the space objects than the Hubble Space Telescope.
China hires 23,500 lawyers as advisers
China lawyersAugust 27, 2013 ET
A senior Chinese justice official said that 23,500 lawyers have been recruited as legal advisers for governments at all levels in China, as part of an effort to facilitate the construction of a law-based government.
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