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A big step closer to teleportation
TeleportationMay 21, 2010 ET
In the near future quantum teleportation won't be science fiction anymore, and that opens a range of possibilities.
Old statues, new explanation
Easter IslandMay 14, 2010 ET
The theory how the famous stone statues were erected around Easter Island is known for 50 years. However - it is wrong.
The strange message from Voyager 2
Voyager 2May 7, 2010 ET
Voyager 2 worked perfectly for 33 years but recently it started to send data scientist can't decode. What happened to the spacecraft on the edge of the Solar system?
Nobody will hear you scream
footballApril 30, 2010 ET
Imagine the usual cheering when the home team goes forward, and jet engine roaring when the opponent attacks. One football team sees incredible loudness as a way to win the game.
Spirit of Berlin is watching the road
Spirit of BerlinApril 23, 2010 ET
"Keep your eyes on the road!" Scientists gave a completely new meaning to this rule: now they can steer a car with their eyes.
Ask your electronic nose
Electronic noseApril 16, 2010 ET
Imagine that you mixed a new fragrance but you aren't sure will other people like it or not. Wouldn't be great to have an electronic nose to tell "that's great" or "that smells"? Well, that device actually does exists!
Life without oxygen
LoriciferaApril 9, 2010 ET
Scientist around the world are trying to find life on other planets. But is "life" something we expect it to be? Recently found species don't use the basic ingredient - oxygen.
The mystery of a lead coffin
GGGApril 2, 2010 ET
What a half-ton coffin made of lead hides? Something radioactive, you might think, but this one is 1800 years old. Mystery? Oh yes, a big one.
Unrecognized human species discovered
Unrecognized human speciesMarch 26, 2010 ET
Siberian cave revealed something absolutely unexpected - a new hominid of the unknown origin. Where did he came from, where did he go? We don't know.
A very promising extrasolar planet
Planet CoRoT-9bMarch 19, 2010 ET
CoRoT-9b is the first extrasolar planet similar to a planet in our solar system with temperatures similar to those on Earth.
Why the world won't end in 2012?
DoomsdayMarch 12, 2010 ET
The Mayan calendar, Planet X, polar shift or a huge meteor - what will end the life on Earth in 2012? We are apologizing to the pessimists, but year 2012 will be the same as any other year in Earth's history.
To watch or to calculate?
FootballMarch 5, 2010 ET
Would you like to know will your favourite team win the next game? And what the result will be? Well, mathematics has the answer and it is surprising.
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