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Researchers develop simple method for light control
Light controlApril 4, 2014 ET
Researchers from the United States and China said they have developed a simple method for filtering light waves based on direction.
Scientists develop 'self-healing' muscles
Self-healing musclesApril 3, 2014 ET
Scientists at Duke University announced they have developed living muscle tissue that can heal itself in an animal just as natural tissue would, raising hopes that more research will lead to self-healing muscles to help humans recover from injuries.
Daylight saving time linked to heart attacks
Daylight saving timeApril 2, 2014 ET
Springing forward for daylight saving time might carry hidden danger for people with heart problems. "Monday after" saw a 24 percent increase in heart attacks.
Taiwan's cigarettes to get new warning labels
Taiwan cigarettesApril 1, 2014 ET
Beginning June 1, cigarette packets in Taiwan will carry new warnings, in the hope that they will be more effective than the current pictures, health authorities said.
Texas switching from beer to vodka
Texas vodkaMarch 31, 2014 ET
When you think of Texans and their drinks, you probably think of beer and domestic whiskey. However, Texas has a new, fast growing beverage industry: Distilleries across the state are producing around 17 different vodkas.
Saving Singapore water: Sale of zero-tick washing machines to stop
Washing machineMarch 27, 2014 ET
With effect from April 1, 2014, only washing machines with one or more ticks are permitted for sale in stores in Singapore. Showers and washing in the kitchen sink top the chart as the two most water-consuming activities at home at 29% and 22%, respectively.
Almost half of Americans believe in medical conspiracies
Medical conspiracyMarch 24, 2014 ET
Almost half of all Americans believe that the government and corporations are involved in medical conspiracies, according to research conducted at the University of Chicago.
NRL team works with DTRA to better predict deadly diseases
Deki ReaderMarch 18, 2014 ET
U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) scientists have spent the past two years helping the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) better predict pending epidemics and regional disease outbreaks.
Japanese students use phones more than six hours a day
Japan schoolgirlsMarch 17, 2014 ET
Digital Arts conducted a survey among Japanese high school students, finding that more than 40 percent of female students surveyed use their phones more than six hours daily.
The largest Sun telescope got the body
TelescopeMarch 12, 2014 ET
Spanish manufacturers delivered the protective structure for what will become the world's largest ground-based optical telescope for studying the Sun. The 22m-high telescope has a diameter of 27 meters and weighs 500 tons.
Chinese province to shift 80 percent of manufacturing to robots
China robotsMarch 11, 2014 ET
More than 80 percent of manufacturing operations in Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, will be using industrial robots and related technologies by 2020, according to official projections.
China to complete its most advanced helicopter
China helicopter Z-15March 6, 2014 ET
China is nearing completion on its most advanced helicopter to date and will soon send the prototype up on its maiden flight, a national legislator said.
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