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Meantime : Page 244

Forward to the past
Pangaea UltimaJune 26, 2009 ET
Two hundred and fifty million years ago the Earth was one supercontinent named Pangaea. Let's jump 250 million years in the future: it will be one piece of land again, just with a different name - Pangaea Ultima.
Studies that hurt my brain. Again.
Studies that hurt my brainJune 19, 2009 ET
Here it is: the second instalment of studies insult common sense. It seems that researchers can get the money for anything they want and sometimes the results are unbelievable.
Phantom traffic jams
Phantom traffic jamsJune 12, 2009 ET
Countless hours are lost in traffic jams every year but those jams have no cause - no accident, no stalled vehicle, no lanes closed...
The smallest star known to host a planet
new planetJune 5, 2009 ET
Astrometry, a long-proposed tool for hunting planets, finnaly caught a Jupiter-like planet orbiting one of the smallest stars.
Would like to use your iPod for one billion years?
iPodMay 29, 2009 ET
Packing more digital music onto silicon chips in MP3 player is like squeezing more strawberries into the same size supermarket carton.
Scotty, beam us up!
MoonMay 22, 2009 ET
NASA's return to the moon will get a boost in June with the launch of the upcoming missions of the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, and the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS.
I must think about it, monkey said
monkeyMay 15, 2009 ET
Monkeys playing a game have revealed that their brains register missed opportunities and learn from their mistakes.
The next Star Trek movie could be documentary
enterpriseMay 8, 2009 ET
Can travelling at warp speed ever become a reality? It seems that two professors have good arguments in favour of 'yes'.
Ancient Karnak brought to life
Digital KarnakMay 1, 2009 ET
Digital Karnak traces the site's evolution over two millennia, encompassing 63 distinct features of this major religious center.
A wall in a haystack
Great Wall of ChinaApril 24, 2009 ET
I applaud to new technologies and discoveries, but how can you manage not to see 2000 kilometres of the Great Wall of China?
I bet that gambling is not good
gamblingApril 17, 2009 ET
Is gambling good or bad? Well, you can't gamble your way to economic health.
Programming ceramics
ceramicsApril 10, 2009 ET
University of Washington researchers are combining the ancient art of ceramics and the new technology of 3-D printing.
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