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Norwegian scientists to teach Europe to make snow

Staff Writer | December 20, 2017
Norwegian researchers believe that it will be possible to make environmentally-friendly snow at above-zero temperatures.
Jascha Schmid
Science   Snow for the Future
Now they have the backing of Europe and the skiing industry in their bid to save the sport from climate change, Sintef reports.

In January 2017, the Norwegian Ski Federation, the Norwegian Biathlon Federation, Trondheim municipality and researchers from SINTEF and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) jointly received more than a million krone in funding from the Ministry of Culture in order to start the project Snow for the Future. Now some European companies want to join the team.

"I think that the Norwegian Ski Federation and the University here in Trondheim have got the project Snow for the Future off to a perfect start. I’m extremely interested in the project, and am looking forward to seeing the first results.

"They may be ready in time for the World Ski Championships in Trondheim in 2023," said Jascha Schmid of the International Ski Federation (FIS).

Since it requires a great deal of energy to produce snow across a range of air temperatures, the researchers are aiming to develop solutions which will allow artificial snow to be produced at a reasonable cost.

So their focus will be on making environmentally-friendly snow at above-zero temperatures – without wasting energy.

They believe that the key will be to develop heat pumps which will use the cold side to produce snow, and the hot side to produce heat for heating purposes.

The researchers need more time to solve the environmental challenges currently involved in snow production, and if they are to succeed in this, the project will need to get the industry involved and receive funding from the authorities.

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