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Manhattan ladybugs and cinnamon in battle for your backyard

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Staff writer |
lady bug ladybeetleFollowing the story about ladybugs overflowing Manhattan to kill the pest, we explore how get rid of annoying little creatures in your yard.

Some data said that more than a billion pounds of pesticides are used annually in the United States for pest control like flies, fleas and the like. With pesticides we must be careful because it can harm humans just like that harm pests especially if your children take it to their hands. But, for the time insects adapt to substance and become immune and problem begin. To kill the pests in your garden sometimes it is necessary to use toxic substance. On the other hand if you know what to do, problem with pests can be solved easily and with fun.

lady bug ladybeetleGardening is a beautiful activity that can bring you a lot of joy and a lot of sorrow if your vegetables attract pests. Embitter the life of snails with garlic, spices, chives and wormwood plants. They hate all that and they will run off your garden to someone else’s garden where they’ll make a party. Maybe your actual problems are rodents.

Rodents, especially mice, hate peppermint oil. No problem: It smells very nice to us and it is not toxic. So, put a few drops of peppermint oil on a piece of cotton and put it on the mice route. They will hate you for the rest of your life but your house will be yours forever.

lady bug ladybeetleYou are just settled that thing with mice but another guests come from nowhere. They are usually satisfied with the way you organized the kitchen, and even more with your cooking skills. Finally someone, you say. But, these guests are very annoying and they come in thousands - they are ants.

Garden experts recommend that you sip a bit of powdered cinnamon on the ants trail. Some types of ants hate that smell and if you are lucky your ants are of the right type and hate cinnamon. If the next day your "breakfast ants" return, offer it with lemon juice. Slice the lemon and put it around the place and if you are lucky they will march away until lunchtime.

Are you peaceful person that can live with everything that walks, crawls and flies? How about mosquitoes? Mosquitoes annoy everybody. To chase away mosquitoes try to plant tansy or basil around the house. Supposedly mosquitoes don’t like it.

lady bug ladybeetleThe most beneficial insects are honeybees and the lady from the beginning of the story, ladybugs; both are very helpful in the garden. Obviously, they can't fight with mice and snails, but any help counts.

Peoples from Planet Natural do a very good job. They recognize the problems of using pesticides and solve it in the best way. One ladybug can eat 50 herbal pests and around 300 larvae a day. Before ladybugs arrived to Manhattan the owner of Planet Natural Eric Vinje said: "They were lively and ready to eat anything that was not too quick for them." Dangerous little ladies.

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