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Long live the Spaceguard

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meteor over zagreb croatiaWeather, weather, weather... How to evade this topic? Around the globe it is still raining and sun tremendously heating, some parts of globe fights with fire, and some parts are even under attack of meteors... Few days ago that kind of "rain" attacked Croatians.

After several big forest fires and few earthquakes around the coast, ten fireballs with big red tail covered the sky above the land and coast from north to south. That all happened around noon and firemen, who are under alert because of forest fires, promptly concluded that someone is launching the rockets and that there will be more fire. But, rumours of similar incidents around the country already spread and firemen on coast become suspicious. meteor over zagreb croatia

Eyewitnesses talk about big ball of fire and intense flash on the sky. The meteor was flying faster then the sound, and because of breaking of sound barrier the tremors have been felt at very long distance. The phenomenon of superbolide is a rare manifestation. Since this phenomenon happened at daylight specialist assumed that meteor was really the big one.

Experts assume that superbolid weighted at least 200 kilograms. A flashlight on sky has been seen from different parts of the country and that means the meteor was probably 80 kilometres above the ground at that moment. "If something like that happened in night, everybody will be afraid to death", said Mr. Korado Korlevic, astronomer at widely recognized Croatian astronomical observatory in Visnjan. Luckily for firemen and for all of us meteors, and even bolides, named because of characteristic sound they make, can't start the fire.

meteor over zagreb croatiaUntil now the meteor is still on unknown location, and there is a possibility that it fell at Slovenia. From astronomical observatory in Visnjan astronomers send appeal to amateurs asking for pictures or films if someone managed to record this phenomenon.

Mysteries of meteors have long history. The lightning hypothesis explains many long-standing mysteries about impacts of different sizes. Meteors can sometimes be heard at the same time they are seen. In Tunguska event in 1908 meteor left no remains. The Hoba meteorite, with 88 tons and the size of a family car, didn't form a crater at all.

Lots of questions... And one for the end: Are the people from the Spaceguard on vacation?

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