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Lithuanians build one of world's most powerful lasers

Staff Writer | March 10, 2017
Lithuanian laser manufacturers Ekspla and Sviesos Konversija (Light Conversion) have produced Sylos, a 4-million-euro laser system that is the first of its kind in Lithuania and one of the most powerful ones in the world.
Sviesos Konversija laser
Technology   Ekspla and Sviesos Konversija
Ekspla Commercial Director Zenonas Kuprionis says that more such systems are unlikely to be produced as the global market for extremely powerful lasers is not big, but the manufacturers will be able to use the technologies in other projects, reports LETA/BNS.

"This is the first such laser. (It was) made specifically for the project. Such lasers are designed for scientific centers that want extreme parameters. This market is not large, but there is one or two projects per year," Kuprionis told.

"We expect to apply these technologies to smaller projects, because many new technologies have been developed over these years," he added.

It took more than two years for the Lithuanians to produce the new system for the Extreme Light Infrastructure-Attosecond Light Pulse Source (ELI-ALPS) research centre in Hungary.

Ekspla, jointly with US National Energetics, is also carrying out a 40-mln-US-dollar project to develop and install an ultra-intense laser system for the EU's Extreme Light Infrastructure Beamlines (ELI-Beamlines) facility in the Czech Republic.

According to Ekspla, the process of assembling the laser in US laboratories is nearing completion.