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Israeli researchers develop artificial black hole that emits radiation

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | June 6, 2019
Israeli researchers have created an artificial black hole and found that black holes emit radiation as the ordinary warm object, Israel Institute of Technology said.
black hole
Middle East   The predictions of the late Stephen Hawking were correct
The research, published in the journal Nature, shows that the predictions of the late physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking, according to which black holes emit thermal radiation, now known as Hawking radiation, were correct.

The success of this study gives an in-depth understanding of the nature of black holes.

Black holes are invisible and massive phenomena in space with such a strong gravity that nothing, even light, can escape its deep, dark grasp.

In the artificial black hole developed by Israeli physicists, sound played the role of light.

By developing a method for measuring the spectrum of Hawking radiation, they found that artificial black holes emit radiation like a normal warm object, as Hawking predicted.

To reach their conclusions, the researchers repeated the Hawking radiation experiment 7,400 times, with each "run" receiving a density profile, from which the researchers calculated average values.

"Our artificial black hole confirms the thermal nature of Hawking radiation, and we find that the temperature is determined by the artificial gravity on the surface of the artificial black hole, also matching Hawking's predictions," said Jeff Steinhauer, head of the research team.