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Earth's magnetic north pole moving fast toward Russia

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | December 25, 2019
Earth’s magnetic north pole has been moving East at an unusually fast pace, heading from the Canadian Arctic toward Russia.
Canadian Arctic
Nature in Russia   Canadian Arctic
Magnetic north has been lurching away from its previous home in the Canadian Arctic toward Siberia at a rate of about 55 kilometers a year over the past two decades.

The latest model of the Earth's magnetic field, World Magnetic Model (WMM), released by the National Centers for Environmental Information and the British Geological Survey, predicts that this movement will continue, though likely at a slower rate of 40 km each year, Space.com reported.

Over the past two decades, the magnetic north pole has moved toward Russia.

It was moving so fast that the WMM released an interim update in February of 2019 to ensure there were no navigational or operational issues with the difference of the true magnetic north pole and what the previous model used.