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Colombia hosts the world's largest orchid collection

Staff writer ▼ | September 23, 2015
Colombia hosts the world's largest orchid collection, prevailing in areas like Los Andes and the Amazon, with 4,275 orchid varieties.
Colombia orchid
Flowers   4,275 orchid varieties in Colombia
Despite the diversity, the destruction of natural habitats represents one of the main threats against their populations, researcher Ramón Debedout told Prensa latina.

Orchids, described as the most evolved plants, need a pollinator, generally insects and then the interaction with a fungus, said the researcher who urged to protect the natural environments in order to guarantee the survival of the attractive species.

Economic practices like agricultural and cattle raising also represent a threat to the species.

In Debedout's opinion, orchid in vitro reproduction is one of the ways to guarantee the perpetuity of the family with more than 25 thousand species worldwide.

Debedout, a representative of Bogota's Orchid Association, said the group has found and described 27 varieties of the plant.

The orchid is the national flower of Colombia. Colombia exports more fresh flowers than any country except Holland and being rich in climate the land of Colombia grows a plenty of flower varieties used on festivals and various occasions.