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Alert on fast warming of the oceans

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World   Temperatures in the ocean are not affected by year after year variations

The heat contained in the greenhouse effect gases (GEI) is highly increasing the temperature of the oceans, according to four observations by US researchers.

The warming of the oceans is a critical sign of climate change, because it is estimated that 93 percent of the excess of solar energy captured by the GEI is accumulated in the ocean depths.

Differently from the temperatures in the surface of the Earth,temperatures in the ocean are not affected by year after year variations, caused by phenomena such as El Niño or volcanic eruptions, said experts from the University of Berkeley, California.

The predictions announced by the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5 CMIP5 say that if no effort is ever made to reduce the emissions, the temperature in over 2,000 meters deep zones in the world's oceans, will increase 0.78 Celsius degrees at the end of the century.

The thermal expansion caused by this temperature increase would raise the sea level 30 centimeters above the already significant rise in sea level caused by the melting of glaciers and ice sheets, warn the scientists.

The warmer seas also contribute to stronger storms, hurricanes and extreme rainfall, they warned.

The four studies, published between 2014 and 2017, provide better estimates of past trends in ocean heat content by correcting discrepancies between different types of ocean temperature measurements, the scientists said.

Also, because they take into account the gaps in measurements over time or location.

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