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Air France to retire 45 years old jumbo jet

Staff writer ▼ | January 12, 2016
Air France is to say goodbye to its Boeing 747 flights on January 14 in a tribute flight around France.
Air France jumbo jet
Legendary airplane   Jumbo jet has completed 45 years of its service
The aircraft nicknamed "jumbo jet" has completed 45 years of its service, since it started service on June 3, 1970 with its flight from Paris to New York. France has been operating Boeing 747 to its major destinations in U.S., Europe and Asia.

The last revenue flight of AF747 will be from Charles de Gaulle airport. In the tribute flight, all the passengers can enjoy business lunch and champagne.

The flight will take the guest to show the iconic sites such as Mont Blanc, Mediterranean, Toulouse, Bordeaux, the Atlantic and Mont saint Michel. Air France said there will be surprises throughout the trip. All the passengers can visit the flight's main aeronautical maintenance workshop at Charles de Gaulle airport to have a final drink, at the foot of the aircraft, to honor and bid good bye to the super jumbo.

The first wide-body commercial jet airliner was fondly called the Queen of the Skies. The long-range jet used four engines and a double deck configuration. Its first class seats were at the hump like upper deck. With a capacity to carry 500 passengers.

Air France has created Principal Cabin Director position to coordinate the service and attention provided to its guests. The airline also engaged French chefs Paul Bocuse, Gaston Lenotre, and Pierre Troisgros as it paid special thrust to gastronomy aboard Boeing 747.