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£270,000 underwater observatory disappears from Baltic seabed

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | September 9, 2019
An underwater observatory has gone AWOL form the Baltic seabed, without any explanation.
Underwater observatory
Europe   Underwater observatory
Scientists have been left baffled by the loss of the Boknis Eck monitoring station, which is worth €300,000 (£270,000) and weighed 770kg (1,700 pounds).

It was located at Germany’s Eckernförde Bay, a restricted area, and recorded scientific data about changes in the waters.

According to sources, it made its final data transmission on 21 August, but has since been inactive.

Now, German research organisations GEOMAR and HZG who first installed the device in 2016 are appealing for information from people in the local area.

The equipment was connected to the German mainland via a huge cable, which means it was securely tethered to the ground.

However, divers found the cable to be destroyed.

Theories now suggest the monitoring device may have been moved by a storm or set adrift by an animal, which severed the chord.

‘At first we thought of a transmission error,’ said Prof. Hermann Bange of GEOMAR, in a statement to Fox News.

‘When the divers reached the bottom of the sea last week at the observatory’s location, they found only the torn off land cable.

‘It was completely shredded.’

‘Maybe someone saw something on the morning of August 21,’ added Bange. ‘Or someone finds parts of the frames somewhere on the beach.’