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Model can predict early mechanical behaviors of earthquake

Christian Fernsby |
Duke University
Scientists from Duke University have devised a model that can predict the early mechanical behaviors and origins of an earthquake in multiple types of rock.

Mountain Monviso
Seoul highway park
Seoul to turn old highway into 7.6 km long park
Christian Fernsby |
Common murre
Mass starvation of birds off U.S. west coast
Christian Fernsby |
Deforestation in Amazon
Deforestation in Brazil's Amazon up 85 percent in 2019
Christian Fernsby |
Mars: Water could disappear faster than expected
Christian Fernsby |
Dark matterHubble detects smallest known dark matter clumps
Christian Fernsby |

Geological fault
New geological fault discovered in Chile
Christian Fernsby | Sunday January 5, 2020

>A new geological fault that is active but not visible on the earth's surface was discovered by Chilean scientists south of Constitucion city, in the Maule region
Scientists find evidence that Venus has active volcanoes
Christian Fernsby | Saturday January 4, 2020

New research led by Universities Space Research Association (USRA) and published today in Science Advances shows that lava flows on Venus may be only a few years old, suggesting that Venus could be volcanically active today making it the only planet in our solar system, other than Earth, with recent eruptions.

El NinoIsraeli, German researchers predict El Nino in 2020
Christian Fernsby |
Chairman K. SivanIndia approves third moon mission
Christian Fernsby |
Colorful foodScientists made colourful chocolate without colourants
Christian Fernsby |
Heilongjiang craterHuge meteor crater found in China
Christian Fernsby |
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