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Asteroid missed Earth

Christian Fernsby |
Asteroid 2002 NN4
Asteroid 2002 NN4 safely missed the Earth on June 6 at a distance of approximately 3.2 million miles (5.1 million kilometers).

Siberia people
Siberia experiences record heat wave
Christian Fernsby |
Scientists discover universe's missing matter
Christian Fernsby |
Cosmic raysHow cosmic rays may have shaped life
Christian Fernsby |

Er Shun
Canada zoo to send pandas home after bamboo shortage
Christian Fernsby | Thursday May 14, 2020

A Canadian zoo is shipping two pandas home to China after the coronavirus pandemic left it struggling to source the massive bamboo stockpiles needed to feed the giant creatures.
Early earth
The oldest molecular fluids in the solar system could have supported the rapid formation and evolution of the building blocks of life, new research in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences reveals.

Angola Lulo diamondAngola discovers 171-carat diamond
Christian Fernsby |
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