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Wuhan coronavirus: Foreign sailors aboard cargo vessel quarantined off Sulawesi coast

Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 21, 2020
Forty foreign crew members aboard a vessel that had been scheduled to transport palm oil from Pasangkayu, West Sulawesi, have been quarantined inside the ship off the coast of the province over fears of Wuhan coronavirus.
Tanjung Bakau Port
Health in Asia   Tanjung Bakau Port
Tanjung Bakau Port head in Pasangkayu, Agung, said the quarantine procedure commenced on Tuesday.

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The vessel had since been ordered to maintain its position at least 1 kilometer from the port as it awaited the arrival of a medical team that would examine its crew members for any symptoms of Wuhan coronavirus, he said.

The foreign vessel is not allowed to moor at Tanjung Bakau Port until after the quarantine has ended and once the crew members are declared free of the deadly virus.

“All foreign vessels are not allowed to immediately moor at the port until after they’ve been declared free of the coronavirus. Even if a ship is indeed considered free of the virus, none of its crew members are allowed to disembark,” Agung said on yesterday as quoted by