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When your stomach cries for help

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Bernice Clark |
how to survive stressStatistics shows that stress is the trigger for serious illness - it will attack the weakest link in your organism and through the years cause serious health problems. After stomach, which is the first under attack, stress can cause problems with heart and blood pressure. I know that you always act very responsible in your everyday job. Sometimes, maybe even too responsible.

If you think that this is not correct conclusion, listen to your body. Maybe it will tell you what it means about your behavior. First signs that we are likely to ignore are lost of appetite, feeling of weakness, exhaustion, dry mouth, pressure behind breastbone, belching, bloating, heartburn, and feeling of full stomach, diarrhea, or constipation. That all goes hand-to-hand with stress.

Sometimes we can fight it alone, but sometimes if that signs repeat when you are not under pressure you must take it seriously and consult physician. Remember, any constant pain in stomach or any other part in body is a message that your body needs help. Don't ignore it.

how to survive stress For the start, follow your habits through the days. Maybe you eat very fast, maybe you starve your organism through the day, and when you start to eat you eat like nuts. Or you just don't chew food up good enough. If this is the case, change you habits because such behavior can lead you to ulcer, gastritis, damage of epithelium and inflammation of small and large intestine.

Some of those symptoms may happen only in specific occasions - when you know that you will be under the stress. For example, when you expect some important conference or when you are aware of conflict situations at your workplace, you can prevent it with herbal drugs. On the other hand, if symptoms continue five to seven days after stress situation, this is the time to visit your internist. He will speak with you, take data and examine a stomach by palpation. Maybe you have enlarged liver or ulcer. Depends of her opinion you will do blood picture, stomach X-ray and abdominal ultrasound. After results came, physician may send you to some examination like gastroscopy or colonoscopy.

how to survive stress In case that primary data shows that your problems are not organic but psychological she will advise you to visit your psychiatrist. She will calm you down and give you a suggestions how to overcome difficulties in your life. If you have a good friend, that's even better. Open your heart and after a good chat you will be brand new.

And while we are speaking about friends I bet that you rarely spend the time with the best one - yourself. If you are used to make the appointments, reserve an appointment with yourself and spend the day listening what your body says to you. And like a responsible person that you are - act.

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