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Vietnam reports no new cases of coronavirus in 12 days

Christian Fernsby ▼ | April 30, 2020
Despite a relative relaxation of the physical distancing measures and the progressive normalization of daily life, Vietnam reached this Tuesday its 12th day with no new cases of the coronavirus.
Vietnam street
Statistics   Vietnam street
A global example to fight the coronavirus is that the country has maintained its formidable statistics to date: 270 cases, 225 recoveries and no deaths.

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The national commission in charge of the pandemic indicated that of 45 active patients, 16 tested negative once or twice for the novel coronavirus, so that the number of recoveries could increase in the coming days.

Another hopeful sign is the decrease in those who are under quarantine or under observation in medical centers or at home.

However, Vietnam will still have a long way to go before declaring itself victorious over Covid-19. Aside from rescuing active cases, it should prevent that the virus infects other people.