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UK’s first death linked to e-cigarettes

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | October 8, 2019
Terry Miller was 57 when he died from lipoid pneumonia attributed to using e-cigarettes in 2010, the Telegraph reports.
Vaping Britain
Britain   Vaping Britain
The death of a factory worker is thought to be Britain’s first death linked to vaping.

Doctors said they believed the worker’s pneumonia was cause by the build-up of e-cigarette oil in his lungs.

A post-mortem report said: “It was thought that he may have developed lipoid pneumonia from the inhalation of oil-blended concentrated nicotine from the device.”

An inquest into the glass-factory worker’s death recorded an open verdict.

Glynis Miller, Terry’s wife, said that after they discovered the build-up of oil the doctor told her he was “as certain as he could be” that it was caused by the e-cigarettes Terry had been using to try and quit smoking.

It follows a report from the Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency revealing that in the last five years 200 health problems in the UK, including pneumonia and heart disease, have been linked to the use of the devices.

In the US, there have been more than 500 cases of lung damage linked to vaping and seven deaths reported in the last few weeks.