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Tick that can turn you vegetarian

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C. A. V. Nogueira, M.D. ▼ | August 8, 2014
Lone Star tick
Strange condition   The Lone Star tick forces you to forget the meat

A strange condition is spreading across the United States: A tick bite that can turn you into a vegetarian. And it's not a joke.

Discovered a few years ago, the condition is spreading from the Southwest and the East to more parts of the U.S. As it seems now, Long Island in New York has the largest number of cases, more then 200 cases.

The Lone Star tick, obviously named after the state of Texas, has a sugar, a type of carbohydrate, that people don't have.

When that nasty tick bites, human's immune system responses and the body thinks that that sugar is a foreign substance and makes antibodies to it. When the person eats read meat, which also contains that sugar, the body starts to fight against it. The problem is that the sugar is present in beef, pork, venison, rabbit, and some dairy products, so the patient is turned into a vegetarian just like that.

Some cases have also been reported in other countries: France, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Japan, Korea, and Australia.

As with any allergy, there can be swollen limb, itching, fever, and even such a strong reaction that demands immediate medical attention. The nasty thick has a white dot on its back and it is easy to recognize.

So, no matter are you meat destroyer or not, when that little bastard bites you, you will be forced to leave all meat aside. We still don't know is the condition reversible, so the prevention is the best cure for now.

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