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Thyroid - tricky little gland

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Bernice Clark |
thyroidDo you suffer of somnolence, have trouble with memory, suffer of digestion disruption, or feel dizzy... And doctor's report states that you haven no physical problems. Did you check your thyroid lately?

Thyroid is an uneven gland located at the base of the neck. It is a bigger in a woman than in a man. Physicians like to babble and portrait it like a letter H shaped gland, butterfly-shaped or horseshoe-shaped gland. We will call it butterfly-shaped gland although it sometimes makes great problems that you can feel like a punch of a horseshoe. It weighs 20-40 grams or less than an ounce.

The gland has function to produce and secrete hormones into the blood. Because of that process we call it endocrine gland. Thyroid gland produces thyroxin and its related hormones. When your hormones levels are in the perfect balance your metabolism functions normally and you feel okay.

thyroidWhat thyroid hormones do to your body? The gland is responsible for spending oxygen and producing heat. It is also responsible for your heart beating. It accelerates degradation of cholesterol and minimizes cholesterol quantity in the body. The thyroid hormones are also responsible for removing drugs from the body. The second effect of thyroid hormones is growing and body development.

The hormones stimulate osteogenesis and growing the bone in length. It stimulates growth hormone and participates in processes of the central nervous system. Thyroid hormones also keep you awake and nimbleness. It effects on your stimulate, hearing sense, sense of hunger, memory and learning potency. If thyroid hormones don't do their work properly they are the main cause of weight loss, sweating, irritability or nervousness. If you have troubles with insomnia and losing hair, that can be caused thyroid gland, too.

thyroidNormal emotional life also depends on proper levels of thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones have big role in reproduction and in process of keeping a pregnancy. Shortly, they are responsible good reproductive function in women and men.

The main component part of all thyroid hormones is iodine. The illness can appear because of deficiency of iodine, can be triggered by stress, puberty, by drugs that block deposition of the iodine... Due to some unknown reason women will have problems with thyroid more frequently than men.

thyroidThyroid enlargement can be visible but illness can be noticed as a discomfort in lower part of the neck (goiter), or the problems with breathing and swallowing. The basic tests of thyroid gland are examination by a physician, check of levels of thyroid hormones in the blood, ultrasound, punctuation, and scintigraphy.

As you can see, thyroid hormones play a great role in human health and everyday life quality. And that tricky little butterfly-shaped gland can cause lot of troubles. So, it is very important that physician recognise different symptoms and suspect that problems can be in thyroid gland.

Sometimes your thyroid produces too much or too little of the thyroxin hormone. Then we are talking about hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. We will write about that next time.

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