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The signs of an epileptic seizure

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Bernice Clark |
signs of epileptic seizureMost of the people who have epilepsy can predict the epileptic seizure by specific signs or they just have the precognition that the seizure is coming.

Epilepsy is a chronic disorder caused by the abnormal activities in brain cells which causes recurring seizures. The precognition (aura) includes the whole spectre of discrete signs: the feeling of sparking, strange smell and taste, sudden attack of anger or sudden sadness, hearing of strange audio signals and feeling of nausea. The signs can be also pins and needles, an unprovoked moves and the range of different strange senses.

That senses can manifest as feeling that something is small or big even it is not in the reality, the patient can experience deja vu, a compelling sense of "familiarity", "strangeness," or "weirdness" or something like jamais vu, reverse deja vu, when the familiar thing seems new or strange; and also a feeling of wither or sudden strong heart beating. Which symptoms the patient will experience depends on the activity of the part of the brain which is responsible for the specific functions which manifest in aura. The real epileptic seizure will not develop in some situations. It will act just as the warning signal.

It is known today that those "small" symptoms represent both: it may be the very mild seizure which ended with aura or - if they are followed by one of the visible type of seizure - the beginning of the seizure.

The seizure might appear at any time and without any visible reason. However, many patients experience seizure in the specific time during 24 hours period and the seizure is induced by some factor which contributes to it. It would be good if the patient itself, his family and his employer detect the situation(s) that precede seizure to be seen could it be related with seizure. By doing that, seizures wouldn't be completely unpredictable anymore and the patient and his neurologist would get the opportunity to prevent them or at least to decrease their number to a minimum.

The most important factors which can provoke epileptic seizures are irregular use of medicine, less sleeping, drinking too much alcohol, abusing drugs, physical and psychical stress. Hormonal changes during the menstrual period can also be connected with seizures. Flashing lights, watching some geometrical shapes, driving through alley, looking through a window of a fast train and watching TV are the factors which increase the risk of an epileptic seizure.

It is known that seizure always, in some way, damages the brain and sometimes is life treating. To decrease the flashing effects on the brain, it would be sufficient that patient covers one eye or to turn sight from the object from time to time.

Today's epileptic therapy is more effective and has fewer side effects than it was the case years ago. The patients should take therapy regularly even when there are no seizures.

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