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Scientists create cancer treatment from dill and parsley

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Staff writer ▼ | July 1, 2016
Scientists from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (PhysTech) and Russian Academy of Sciences have come up with a way to obtain glaziovianin A, a natural component known for its anti-cancerous properties, from parsley and dill.
Innovative approach   A simple method for producing glaziovianin A
"Nowadays it is important not only to find new mechanisms to fight cancer, but also improve existing ones," said Alexander Kiselyov, a researcher in the field of medicinal chemistry and drug development from PhysTech, Sputnik News reports.

"We have developed a simple method for producing glaziovianin A and its structural analogs, which inhibit the growth of tumor cells, from a cheap raw material."

Chemotherapy, which destroys tumors, works in two ways: either damaging the cancer cells DNA causing them to self-destruct, or inhibiting their growth and division.

The second method is becoming more popular since it does not result in the appearance of even more aggressive forms of cancer cells.

Drugs of this type called antimitotics destroy tubulin, one of the basic proteins critical for cell division. The antimitotics can be both obtained synthetically and derived from tropical plants.

Two "clones" of glaziovianin A could be used in medicine as anti-cancer drugs in future, the scientists considered.

However, the best results were demonstrated by glaziovianin A itself. Since the substances have shown efficacy, the authors of the study plan to continue their tests on human cancer cells transplanted into laboratory mice.