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Scientists create 3-part antibody that attacks 99 percent of HIV strains

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HIV strains
Discovery   Broadly neutralizing antibodies

It has long been challenging to fight HIV due to the virus' unimaginable ability to mutate and change its appearance, but scientists might have found a silver lining.

U.S. and French Scientists have engineered a three-pronged antibody that attacks 99 percent of HIV strains, which was hailed as "exciting breakthrough" by the International Aids Society, local media reported.

The study, published in the journal Science earlier this week, is the result of cooperation between U.S. National Institute of Health and French pharmaceutical company Sanofi.

The antibody can prevent infection in monkeys according to experiments, and human trials will start next year.

In the study, scientists combined three "broadly neutralizing antibodies," developed by a small number of patients after years of infection, into a powerful antibody to treat HIV or prevent infections.

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