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Panic in Hong Kong: Wuhan coronavirus spread through pipes

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Christian Fernsby ▼ | February 10, 2020
More than 100 residents in 35 households in a public estate in Hong Kong were evacuated in the early hours today after two people in the block were confirmed to have contracted the coronavirus.
Hong Kong evacuation
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The precautionary move was sparked by the case of a 62 year old woman in Room 307 on the third floor of Hong Mei House at Cheung Hong Estate. She was Hong Kong’s 42nd and latest case as of 1.30am today.

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She was found to have lived directly below a man in Room 1307 on the 13th floor, who was confirmed earlier to be Hong Kong’s 12th case.

University of Hong Kong microbiologist Professor Yuen Kwok-yung said a vent pipe, which connected to a discharge pipe in a bathroom was not properly sealed and could have carried the virus present in faeces into bathrooms by extraction fans.

“When a person turns on the exhaust fan inside the toilet, the air inside the drainage system can enter the toilet via the ventilation pipe,” he said.

As a precaution, Yuen said all flats numbered 7 on every floor had to be vacated so their piping could be inspected.

“We have reasons to worry that airborne transmission is a possibility,” Yuen said, adding that authorities were not ruling out other routes, such as contact.