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Yellow fever
Yellow fever mosquitoJanuary 27, 2010 ET
Mosquitoes are known as carriers of several types of viruses. One of them is yellow fever. Its natural home are tropical regions of Africa and South America, thus making the travel to those parts of the world dangerous.
Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
PTSDJanuary 20, 2010 ET
Events that are threatening to life produce traumatic stress in the victim. For some people the effects of the stressful event and their reactions will be short, and to other the trauma will continue to disturb them for years.
Ascariasis - roundworm infection
Salad AscariasisJanuary 13, 2010 ET
As a businessman you are bound to travel to different parts of the world. However, on your voyages you may encounter different dangers and one of them may be very unpleasant worm infection.
Coronary artery bypass
SurgeryJanuary 6, 2010 ET
Thanks to bad lifestyle our blood vessels suffer from the build-up of fatty plaque. Fortunately, the problem of clogged arteries can be solved with bypass surgery, the most common and well-established type of heart surgery.
Meditation in motion
Tai ChiDecember 23, 2009 ET
The first thought when someone mentions words Tai Chi recalls the image of Chinese people moving slowly in a park. Tai Chi, an ancient "meditation in motion", is an easy form of exercising which helps in many health conditions and greatly reduces stress.
Sport injuries at amateurs
GolfDecember 16, 2009 ET
There are many injuries that amateurs are prone to get on the sport field, but fortunately many of them we can prevent and they are not as hard as it may seem at the first look. Let us see some of them.
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Carpal tunnel syndromeDecember 9, 2009 ET
These days more and more people suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. That's a very painful sensation in wrist and in the most cases the cause is - a computer mouse.
ScoliosisDecember 2, 2009 ET
Some 2400 years ago famous doctor Hippocrates was writing about abnormal curvature of the spine. He derived the name for that disorder from the Greek word for curvature and named it scoliosis.
Wilson's disease - collecting copper
Wilson's diseaseNovember 25, 2009 ET
Metabolism is a set of chemical processes inside our body that allows its normal functioning. Without proper function of metabolism the life itself wouldn't be possible. Unfortunately, since our body is a complex mechanism, a genetic change can complicate our life in numerous ways.
Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome
Wolff-Parkinson-White syndromeNovember 18, 2009 ET
Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome occurs when an abnormal electrical pathway in the heart causes abnormally fast heart beating.
Measles (rubeola)
MeaslesNovember 11, 2009 ET
Measles, also called rubeola, is a childhood respiratory disease caused by a virus. The disease is often confused with roseola (roseola infantum) and rubella (German measles). In many countries measles is almost gone but it still kills nearly 200,000 people each year around the world.
Alcoholism - How much is too much?
AlcoholismNovember 4, 2009 ET
Alcoholic drinks are with us for thousands of years - and problems related to it too. As with many other problems, the key word here is "moderately".
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