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WHO: Bubonic plague in China is not high risk. China: It is risk
Margaret HarrisJuly 7, 2020 ET
Chinese health officials confirmed Tuesday that a case of bubonic plague was diagnosed in the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia.
FDA: Toxic hand sanitizers have blinded and killed people
Wood alcoholJuly 7, 2020 ET
Adults and children in the United States have been blinded, hospitalized, and, in some cases, even died after drinking hand sanitizers contaminated with the extremely toxic alcohol methanol, the Food and Drug Administration reports.
Melbourne heads back into coronavirus lockdown
MelbourneJuly 7, 2020 ET
Lockdown measures were reimposed in Australia’s second biggest city on Tuesday, confining Melbourne residents to their homes unless undertaking essential business for six weeks, as officials scramble to to contain a coronavirus outbreak.
UAE says it will test 2 million people for coronavirus as cases rise
Dubai marketsJuly 7, 2020 ET
The United Arab Emirates plans to test two million people, or about 20% of the population, for the novel coronavirus over the next two months after the infection rate climbed again following the lifting of restrictions, a government spokesperson said.
Bubonic plague diagnosed in China
MongoliaJuly 6, 2020 ET
A herdsman in Inner Mongolia was confirmed to be infected with bubonic plague, Chinese health officials said, a reminder of how even as the world battles a pandemic caused by a novel virus, old threats remain.
With nearly 700,000 coronavirus cases, India is third worst hit country
India casesJuly 6, 2020 ET
India has overtaken Russia with the world’s third highest number of novel coronavirus cases, at nearly 700,000, according to the latest data, as the outbreak shows no sign of slowing.
239 scientists warn of airborne transmission of coronavirus
WHOJuly 5, 2020 ET
An open letter to be published later this week, 239 scientists and researchers are warning the WHO that they are underplaying the probability that the coronavirus can be spread after lingering in the air.
Florida, Texas, other U.S. states post daily coronavirus records
Florida beachesJuly 5, 2020 ET
Florida and Texas reported new single-day record increases in confirmed coronavirus cases on Saturday, with nearly 20,000 additional infections combined.
Mongolia reports no new coronavirus case for 6th consecutive day
Mongolia hospitalJuly 5, 2020 ET
Mongolia reported no new coronavirus cases in the last day, with the national tally standing at 220, marking the sixth consecutive day without new cases, the country\'s National Center for Communicable Diseases (NCCD) said Sunday.
WHO reports record daily increase in coronavirus cases, says people need to wake up
World Health OrganizationJuly 4, 2020 ET
The World Health Organization reported a record increase in global coronavirus cases on Saturday, with the total rising by 212,326 in 24 hours.
EU rushes to authorize Remdesivir as U.S. hoards it
RemdesivirJuly 4, 2020 ET
The European Commission on Friday rushed to announce it has given the green light to anti-viral drug Remdesivir for treatment of coronavirus, making it the first drug authorized at the European Union (EU) level for the purpose.
India coronavirus cases hit record high
Delhi casesJuly 4, 2020 ET
India recorded its highest singe day spike of coronavirus cases on Saturday, with over 22,000 new cases and 442 deaths, as infections rose in the western and southern parts of the country amid heavy monsoon rains.
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