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Health : Page 203

When your stomach cries for help
how to survive stressSeptember 13, 2007 ET
Statistics shows that stress is the trigger for serious illness - it will attack the weakest link in your organism and through the years cause serious health problems. After stomach, which is the first under attack, stress can cause problems with heart and blood pressure. I know that you always act very responsible in your everyday job. Sometimes, maybe even too responsible.
Between Feng Shui and Jack Welch
feng shui jack welchSeptember 4, 2007 ET
"Feng Shui is so stupid. I don't understand how people can truly believe that moving a plant from one side of the room to the other will improve their life in any way. Your wife didn't leave you because your bed was facing the wrong cardinal direction. She left you because you're a jackass." Well, this is just one view of those who are afraid or are too skeptical to try something different.
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