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E-cigarettes: Vaping-related lung illnesses in U.S. soar to 805 cases in 46 states
VapingSeptember 26, 2019 ET
CDC said that at least 805 people in 46 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands have fallen sick with mysterious vaping-related lung injuries.
Canadian seniors take too many risky medications
Canadian pharmacySeptember 25, 2019 ET
Equal access to prescription medications is a hot topic in the 2019 Canadian federal elections.
Dengue virus becoming resistant to vaccines and therapeutics due to mutations
DengueSeptember 25, 2019 ET
Dengue virus (DENV) infects about 400 million people annually around the world, with a high prevalence in tropical and sub-tropical regions.
Leading heart consultant: E-cigarettes and vaping 'disaster of the century'
Sherif SultanSeptember 25, 2019 ET
President of the International Society For Vascular Surgery, Prof Sherif Sultan, described e-cigarettes as “the disaster of the century”.
Multi-drug implant shows promise for HIV prevention and treatment
HIV virusSeptember 24, 2019 ET
A new study published in Nature Communications shows a promising alternative for those who have to take a daily pill regimen.
Aid group says WHO is restricting access to Ebola vaccines in Congo
Ebola vaccines in CongoSeptember 23, 2019 ET
A rigid system of eligibility set by the World Health Organization means far too few people at risk of Ebola are being vaccinated in an outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo, the aid group MSF said on Monday.
WHO appeals to Tanzania to share information on test results of strange disease
Ummy MwalimuSeptember 23, 2019 ET
The World Health Organization (WHO) has appealed to Tanzanian authorities to share information on results of recent tests of what was described as a strange disease that killed two people.
Congo to deploy controversial Ebola vaccine
Johnson and Johnson Ebola vaccineSeptember 21, 2019 ET
Health authorities in Congo said that they plan to introduce a second Ebola vaccine.
More than 100 people got salmonella from UK eggs
British eggsSeptember 21, 2019 ET
More than 100 people have been poisoned by British eggs contaminated with salmonella over the last three years.
After 19 years Philippines declares polio outbreak
Philippine hospitalSeptember 20, 2019 ET
The Philippine Department of Health confirmed that polio has re-emerged here 19 years after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a polio-free country.
Chinese scientists suggest new iron control method for dengue
Dengue mosquitoesSeptember 20, 2019 ET
Dengue virus is a mosquito-borne arbovirus, and blood is the primary route through which mosquitoes acquire dengue virus infections.
Tanzania to WHO: Don't panic, we have no Ebola cases
Ummy MwalimuSeptember 19, 2019 ET
Tanzania has formally told the World Health Organization (WHO) that it has no cases of Ebola.
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