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Health : Page 194

Swollen red gums that bleed when pressured
Trench mouthJuly 7, 2010 ET
Trench mouth is a painful type of gum swelling. It occurs when there are too many mouth bacteria in which case they cause gum infection.
Lung inflammation
PneumoniaJune 23, 2010 ET
Pneumonia is a lung inflammation usually caused by infection when the air sacs in the lungs fill with liquid or pus which interferes with the lungs' ability to transfer oxygen to the blood.
MeningitisJune 16, 2010 ET
Knowing whether meningitis is caused by a virus or bacteria is important because the severity of the disease and the treatment differs depending on the cause.
Deadly brain disorder
Creutzfeldt-Jakob left, healthy brain rightJune 9, 2010 ET
Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) is a rare but unfortunately deadly brain disorder which usually appears after 60 years of age and progresses rapidly.
Common cold
Common coldJune 2, 2010 ET
There are conditions that start like a common cold and there are many conditions that have cold-like symptoms. So, when to see the doctor?
The intra-gastric balloon
The intra-gastric balloonMay 26, 2010 ET
If you want to lose weight or you are extremely overweight, the intra-gastric balloon may be the answer.
It's not so heavy. It was too heavy - Hernia
HerniaMay 19, 2010 ET
So, you decided to move that heavy old table all by yourself and you suddenly experienced a pain in the abdomen? Maybe you got hernia and it's time to see the doctor immediately.
TetanusMay 12, 2010 ET
Tetanus is a very dangerous disease which occurs when microbe Clostridium tetani enters the body through damaged skin where it produces a poison tetanus toxin.
When nature makes one step further
Triple X syndromeMay 5, 2010 ET
We all get chromosomes and genes from our parents and in most cases, due to complexity of genetic procedures in our body, an error may occur.
Vocal cord paralysis
Vocal cord paralysisApril 28, 2010 ET
Vocal cord paralysis, the inability to move the muscles that control the vocal cords, may be a sign of a serious disease and it can be life-threatening.
The most dangerous infectious diseases
Marburg haemorrhagic feverApril 21, 2010 ET
Heavy headache, pain in muscles, high temperature. Are those symptoms of a common flu? Yes, they could be. But they are also early symptoms of Variola, Ebola, Anthrax and Q fever. Just to be aware of.
Virus - a citizen of planet Earth
Smallpox VirusesApril 14, 2010 ET
We have vaccines for many viral diseases and we have survived big pandemics, but it's just a matter of time when a new, faster and deadlier virus will come to the daylight.
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