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Nearly 10 million adults in United States severely nearsighted
NearsightedJune 24, 2016 ET
A new study estimates that 9.6 million adults in the United States are highly myopic, or severely nearsighted.
Children acquire tooth decay bacterium from several sources
Streptococcus mutansJune 23, 2016 ET
A new research provides compelling evidence that children acquire Streptococcus mutans, the bacterium most frequently associated with dental caries, from intra- and extra-familial sources besides their mother.
Diabetes increases risk of dying from heart attack by 50%
Heart attackJune 23, 2016 ET
Having diabetes increases the risk of dying from the effects of a heart attack by around 50 percent.
High blood sugar could mean lower risk of one type of brain tumor
MeningiomaJune 22, 2016 ET
In a surprising twist, benign brain tumors that have previously been tied to obesity and diabetes are less likely to emerge in those with high blood sugar, new research has found.
Surprise: Itchy inflammation of mosquito bites helps viruses replicate
Aedes aegypti mosquitoJune 22, 2016 ET
Mosquito bite sites are not just itchy, irritating nuisances - they also make viral infections spread by the insects far worse, new research has found.
Breast cancer cells use newfound pathway to survive without oxygen
Breast cancer cellsJune 21, 2016 ET
Researchers have identified a new signaling pathway that helps cancer cells cope with the lack of oxygen found inside tumors.
Number of kids active through sports falls every year
Kids sportJune 21, 2016 ET
Youth ages 6 to 12 who were active through sports on a regular basis fell again, to 26.6 percent, down from 30.2 percent in 2008.
Unprecedented improvements in patients with early Alzheimer's
Alzheimer'sJune 21, 2016 ET
Results from quantitative MRI and neuropsychological testing show unprecedented improvements in ten patients with early Alzheimer's disease (AD) or its precursors following treatment with a programmatic and personalized therapy.
90% of doctors in Canada want federal legislation on assistance in dying
Doctors in CanadaJune 20, 2016 ET
Preliminary results of a survey of Canadian Medical Association (CMA) members show an overwhelming percentage (90%) of respondents feel federal legislation on medical aid in dying is needed.
Mothers with diabetes three times more likely to have anti-fetal antibodies
Mothers with diabetesJune 20, 2016 ET
Mothers of children with autism and were diagnosed with metabolic conditions during pregnancy were more likely to have anti-fetal brain autoantibodies compared to healthy women of children with autism.
Breakthrough in treatment of colon cancer reported
Colon cancerJune 20, 2016 ET
A significant breakthrough has been made for the future treatment of colon cancer patients, specifically for those with DNA mismatch repair deficient tumors.
Knowledge about antibiotics varies greatly among EU countries
Doctor prescribingJune 18, 2016 ET
The European Commission monitors levels of public use of antibiotics and a new survey carried out by TNS Opinion & Social network in the 28 member states shows that the knowledge varies among countries.
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